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Every entrepreneur can benefit from business advice. Tap into our business articles and tips that cover everything you need to know—from defining what is entrepreneurship to how to plan, promote and finance your company. Use our handy tools to test your website, compare your business performance to others in your industry or find out if you have the aptitude for entrepreneurship. Visit BDC Entrepreneurs First Articles and Tools page.

Futurepreneur Canada

As part of Futurpreneur Canada’s Newcomer Entrepreneur Program, you will be matched with a volunteer business mentor who will provide you with valuable guidance and support for your business. Visit Futurpreneur Canada's Mentoring Checklist for Newcomer Entrepreneurs page.

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Expertise and Advice:  ATB has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to share with Alberta business owners. Learn about business solutions, and get advice from our experts and partners.  Visit ATB Financial Business Resources for more information.